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"General Advisor and Designer"Joerg Gessner

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WashiSpirit 2009 spring collection
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Special Material information

We continue WashiPaper festival. over 1200 years.

May 3.4.5, every year.

The Goddess of paper "KAWAKAMIGOZEN" is living in this shrine.

"Washi Spirit"

Man is the river. Man is the rain. Man is the wave.
Water is the medium.
And Washi is the waters spirit.
Its first secret is awakening. All life comes from water. So the
Washi does.
Its second secret is relieving. Born floating in the water, Washi
transmits weightlessness.
Its third secret is soothing. Moving with the waters flow, the
fibers gather naturally in the most harmonic way.
Its forth secret is reminding. Slowly build up by the movement,
its structure is the memory of the time passed for its making.
Its fifth secret is enlightening. Light moves through the fibers
until it is released according to the Washi’s structure in never
ending ways.
We want to share these secrets and provide people the
awakening, relieving, soothing, reminding and enlightening
presence of washi in their homes.

"Washi Spirit" 和紙精神





Who is Joerg Gessner

Jorg Gessner 4 rue de la Loge, 69005 Lyon, France ? 15 rue Chapon, 75003 Paris, France.

2014 the story of a white sheet in Paris

2013/2014 New year window WASHI display.

20130219-20130407 VICTOR HUGO museum in Paris

2012 Rembrandt Paper Project : Analyze japanese paper used by Rembrandt for print of his engravings 400 years ago, remake the same washi-quality in Echizen paper-village.

April 2012 : Exhibition with ≪ Petit h ≫ of Hermes at Hermes shop, Berlin.

2011 Exhibition with ≪ Petit h ≫ of Hermes at Hermes shop in Paris in December, at the Hermes shop in New-York in November and at the Hermes shop in Tokyo in June 2011. Exhibition of paper-lamps at the artspace ≪ 19 Paul Fort ≫, paris in September/October.

Washi-exhibition with Sugihara Washipaper Inc. at Galerie Couleurs Privees, Paris and the townhouse of Lyon, and the Atelier of Jorg Gessner in Lyon in April 2011.

2010 Exhibition ≪ Washi-Walls ≫ with Sugihara Washipaper Inc. at the show-room I.D. Company, Milan, Italy. Exhibition atMaison & Objet, Paris, with Sugihara Washipaper Inc.

2009 -Exhibition ≪ Washi-Spirit ≫ at the house of Eliane Fievet, Paris. Exhibition ≪ Washi-Spirit ≫ at Calligrane, Paris. Exhibition atKloster Johannisberg, Allemagne. Exhibition at Kanazu Forest of Creation, Japan. Exhibition atMaison & Objet, Paris, with Sugihara Washipaper Inc.

2008 Exhibition at Futaba-En, Tokyo. Exhibition in private space in Paris. Exhibition at Ambiente, Frankfurt, Germany with Sugihara Washipaper inc.

2007 Exhibition ≪ Angels ≫ at Calligrane, Paris. Exhibition ≪ Clodoexpo ≫ at the gallery En Marge, Paris.

2006 Government grant ≪ Villa Medicis Hors Les Murs ≫ for paper-research travel to Japan, mai-august 2006 First meeting wit Yoshinao Sugihara, Sugihara Washipaper Inc. Design award for the lace-chandelier ≪ Alicanto ≫ from the federation of lace producers, Paris.

2005 Exhibition of paper-lamps at the Galerie Sentou, Paris. Award from ≪VIA ≫ design organisation in Paris for the bookshelf-system ≪ Roseline ≫. Exhibitions at Paris and Milan.

1999-2004 Textile designer for Citime, Paris, France.

1992-1999 Textile designer for ≪ Melvin Anderson Designs ≫, Milan, Italy and ≪ Jorg Gessner Creations ≫ in Paris, France.

1990-1992 Fashion school ≪ Studio Bercot ≫, Paris. Fashion styling and pattern-making for several fashion-designers, Paris, France.

1985-1989 Apprenticeship of tailoring and textile technics in Frankfurt, Germany.

1973-1985 School in Geisenheim im Rheingau.

Born in Rudesheim im Rheingau Germany the 12th June 1967.

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